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“The scandal of preaching”

Patheos (blog): Pope Francis celebrated Mass in the chapel of the Domus Sanctae Marthae residence in the Vatican this Friday morning, focusing his remarks on the attitude of some Christians who seem to be “allergic” to preachers and overly critical of those who ...


Written by Cora Jackson-Fossett (Religion Editor)

Lasentinel: Ruach Christian Community Fellowship celebrates Founder's Day on November 2 at 3:30 p.m., at 425 South La Brea Avenue in Inglewood, said Pastor Lewis E. Logan II. The guest preacher is the Rev. Dr. Joseph Robinson. On November 3-4 at 7 p.m., ...

Mayor's decision to drop subpoenas fails to quell criticism Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is surrounded by preachers as he addresses a crowd at a Houston church Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014. Cruz spoke about a legal dispute involving several pastors fighting subpoenas from Houston city attorneys demanding they turn over ...

NM Baptists stress 'Standing Strong'

BP News: New Mexico Baptists began to gather on Monday, Oct. 20, for the BCNM's annual Missions Fair and Missions Celebration that evening, and the WMU Missions Celebration and the Pastors' and Laymen's Conference the next morning. .... Following the signing of ...

Religious Pluralism: The Devil's in the Details

San Angelo LIVE!: ... of torture or death. In the year 1856, a book entitled Dogme et Rituel de la Haute Magie ("Dogmas and Rituals of High Magic"), written by 19th century French occultist and Transcendental Magician, Eliphas Levi, featured the widely recognized ...

Enter the black vote in governor's race; Asa plays the gay card

Democratic candidate Mike Ross hopes for an edge in the vote in black precincts Nov. 4 and he's already been airing melodic spots on "urban" radio by Sen. Linda Chesterfield (see above) in support of his candidacy. He plans a news conference tomorrow at which he'll be joined by a group of black leaders endorsing his candidacy. Asa Hutchinson , the Republican, who once engineered a black-packing ...

On TV tonight: 'Benched, ' 'My Crazy Love, ' 'Prison Wives Club' premieres

The Star-Ledger: My Crazy Love: This new comedic anthology features real people and celebrities (well, Adrienne Bailon) sharing tales (plus reenactments) about the lengths they've gone to for love, like pretending to be deaf or ... eating tomatoes? (Bailon hates ...

Fix My Choir: Michelle Williams and Deitrick Haddon prove the healing power of

Seated side by side on a sofa in a Beverly Hills hotel lounge, former Destiny's Child member Michelle Williams and Preachers of L.A. star Deitrick Haddon are radiating positive energy. The pair has just turned a room full of exhausted TV critics into a ...

In Reaching Millennial Women, Spirituality Trumps Religion

Broadcasting & Cable: Oxygen's The Wilkersons (working title at presstime) falls into line with the spiritualityover-religion theme of the net's digitalfriendly Preachers of L.A, whose season 2 premiere improved triple digits above the time-period average and has more full ...




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Deitrick Haddon Seeks to Restore Kevin Terry After Gay Sex Tape Scandal

Christian Post: On the latest episode of Haddon's hit Oxygen reality television series "Preacher's of L.A.," the veteran gospel singer decided to seek out Terry in an attempt to help him through the scandal that seemed to ruin his opportunity in the gospel music industry.

Preachers of LA: Deitrick Haddon Advises Kevin Terry after Sex Tape Scandal *It's been nearly a year since gospel singer Kevin Terry's gay sex tape leaked online and had church folk up in arms. Next week's episode of “Preachers of LA” will feature Terry, himself, discussing the video's fallout with cast member Deitrick Haddon ...

Deitrick Haddon Seeks to Restore Kevin Terry After Gay Sex Tape Scandal

Deitrick Haddon, a minister and gospel musician, is attempting to help rising gospel singer Kevin Terry one year after a video went viral of him allegedly performing an explicit homosexual act.


Preachers of LA Recap 10/22/14: Season 2 episode 10 “Bouncing Back”

Preachers of L.A. returns this evening with an all new Tuesday October 22, season 2 episode 10 called “Bouncing Back”. On tonight's episode season 13 opens with an all-star cast of “bad girls” Deitrick reaches out to fellow gospel artist Kevin Terry ...


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